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X-Ray Services

Our X-Ray Services:

Bone Fractures and Injuries:

Our X-ray services excel at capturing detailed images of bones, helping us identify fractures, breaks, and other injuries accurately.

Joint Assessments:

X-rays are particularly useful for assessing joint conditions such as arthritis, ensuring early detection and effective management.

Lung and Chest Imaging:

We offer X-rays to visualize the lungs and chest, aiding in the diagnosis of conditions like pneumonia, lung infections, and other respiratory issues.

Foreign Object Detection:

If you suspect you've ingested or lodged a foreign object in your body, X-rays can help locate and assess the situation.

Why Choose X-Ray Imaging?

X-rays are a vital diagnostic tool that allow us to visualize internal structures of the body, such as bones and tissues. They help medical professionals identify fractures, joint issues, infections, and more, ensuring accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans.

Getting an X-Ray:

Getting an X-ray is a painless procedure. Our technicians will position you appropriately, and the X-ray machine will take images in a matter of seconds. You may be asked to hold still or reposition for different angles to ensure comprehensive imaging.

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