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Occupational Health

At Island Stat Care, we recognize the importance of a healthy and productive workforce. Our Occupational Health Services are designed to meet the unique needs of both employers and employees. Trust us to prioritize the well-being of your workforce as we provide a range of services, from workers' compensation evaluations to DOT exams, ensuring a safe and thriving work environment.

Our Occupational Health Services:

Workers' Compensation Evaluations:

In the event of a workplace injury, our experienced medical professionals provide timely and thorough evaluations to determine the extent of injuries, treatment options, and appropriate work restrictions. We only offer Workers Compensation care if it is within the first 24 hours of the incident.

DOT Physical Exams:

Our DOT-Certified medical professionals conduct Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams for commercial drivers. These exams ensure that drivers meet the required health standards for safe operation.

Pre-Employment Medical Exams:

Ensure the well-being of new hires by offering pre-employment medical exams. These assessments help determine if candidates are fit for the specific demands of the job.

Return-to-Work Assessments:

Our medical professionals evaluate injured employees to determine their readiness to return to work safely and recommend any necessary accommodations or restrictions.

Drug and Alcohol Testing:

We offer comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services to promote a drug-free workplace and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Worksite Wellness Programs:

Enhance employee well-being and productivity with tailored worksite wellness programs. Our medical professionals provide guidance on creating healthier work environments and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.


Health Screenings and Vaccinations:

Our occupational health services include employee health screenings and vaccinations, promoting prevention and early detection of health issues.

Injury Prevention and Education:

Our medical professionals offer injury prevention strategies and educational sessions to help your workforce stay safe and minimize workplace injuries.

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