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Foley Catheter Insertion

We provide specialized Foley Catheter services for individuals experiencing urine retention. If you have been unable to urinate for several hours, our expert medical team can assist you promptly and efficiently. We utilize ultrasound guidance to assess the need for a Foley catheter before insertion, ensuring that you receive the most appropriate and minimally invasive care. Our services also include the replacement of malfunctioning Foley catheters, offering a convenient alternative to the emergency department wait.

Foley Catheter Services We Provide:

Assessment for Urine Retention:

Our initial step involves a non-invasive ultrasound examination to determine if urine retention is present and if a Foley catheter is necessary. This approach helps avoid unnecessary procedures and ensures accurate treatment.

Ultrasound-Guided Foley Insertion:

If urinary retention is confirmed, our skilled medical professionals use ultrasound guidance for precise Foley catheter insertion. This method enhances safety and comfort, reducing the risk of complications.

Replacement of Malfunctioning Foley Catheters:

For those with an existing Foley catheter experiencing issues such as blockages or leaks, we offer replacement services. This can be a vital service to ensure uninterrupted urinary drainage and comfort.


​Expertise in Foley Catheter Care:

Our team is highly trained in Foley catheter management, ensuring the procedure is as comfortable and efficient as possible, with a focus on minimizing discomfort and preventing infection.


Post-Insertion Care and Instructions:

Following the insertion or replacement of a Foley catheter, we provide detailed care instructions. Our guidance includes tips on maintaining hygiene, recognizing signs of infection, and managing the catheter at home.


Convenience and Time-Saving:

We understand the urgency and discomfort associated with urine retention and malfunctioning catheters. Our services are designed to provide quick relief, helping you avoid long waits in emergency departments.

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