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G-Tube Replacement

At Island Stat Care, we specialize in the convenient and efficient replacement of G-tubes (Gastrostomy Tubes) that have been previously placed for at least 4 weeks. Our G-Tube Replacement services are ideal for those seeking an alternative to lengthy emergency department waits. We focus on providing safe, expert care in a compassionate environment, ensuring that your healthcare needs are addressed with professionalism and empathy.

G-Tube Replacement Services We Provide:

Eligibility for Replacement:

We offer G-tube replacement services for tubes that have been in place for a minimum of 4 weeks. This ensures that the stoma site is sufficiently healed for a safe replacement procedure.


Replacement of Existing G-Tubes:

Our experienced medical professionals are equipped to replace existing G-tubes that are due for a change, malfunctioning, or have become dislodged. Please note that we do not perform initial G-tube placements.


Expertise in Replacement Procedure:

Our team is highly skilled in the G-tube replacement procedure, ensuring minimal discomfort and quick turnaround, allowing you to return to your daily activities as soon as possible.


Post-Replacement Care and Instructions:

After replacing the G-tube, we provide comprehensive care instructions and tips for maintaining the tube and site health. We also offer advice on how to identify potential complications that may require medical attention.


Scheduling Convenience:

Avoid the long waits of emergency departments. Our services are designed for convenience, allowing you to schedule replacements in advance or on short notice, based on availability.

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