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Primary Care

At Island Stat Care, we are committed to maintaining the continuity of health from our urgent care to primary care services. With board-certified specialists in obesity management and internal medicine, we provide comprehensive and integrated care that addresses your immediate health concerns while also focusing on long-term wellness and prevention strategies.

Annual Physicals

Board-Certified in Internal Medicine: We Emphasize Proactive Health with Thorough and Personalized Physical Examinations

Checking Weight

Obesity Managment

Board-Certified in Obesity Medicine: We Offer Personalized and Compassionate Care for Effective Weight Management

Women's Health

Comprehensive care for women's health concerns, from abdominal pain and abnormal menstruation to UTIs and menopausal symptoms, with dedicated services including IV fluids, pregnancy testing, and referrals to specialists.


Aesthetic Medicine

Enhance Your Beauty with Confidence: 16 Years of Expertise in Botox and Juvederm Treatments

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