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My Biography

I’m Dr. Khwaja and this is my story…


I grew up on Long Island where I excelled in my academics, competed in sports, and enjoyed summers at Jones Beach with my family.  I attended undergraduate school at Columbia College, Columbia University, where I completed my B.A. in Biology with honors.  From there, I attended NY College of Osteopathic Medicine due to my interest in the holistic philosophy of osteopathic medicine. After becoming a doctor, I went on to complete my residency in Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital, nationally recognized as one of the elite EM residency programs.




My first position was at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, where, after my first year, I was invited to become part of their core faculty team for the Emergency Medicine Residency Program. As one of the assistant residency directors, I directed the medical student rotation program in the emergency department.

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Credit Catholic Health

Credit Catholic Health

Four years following my start at Good Samaritan, I left to become the Director of EM Ultrasound at St. Catherine’s and St Charles Hospitals on Long Island, NY. Soon after my first year on staff, I took the helm as one of the youngest medical directors of any emergency department on Long Island.

As the Emergency Department Director at St Catherine’s Hospital I had tremendous success in implementing many quality improvement practices that to this day are still in use in this department. In my first two years, through the implementation of my pay-for-performance program, we improved multiple critical quality measures. Our time to see a doctor in the emergency department dropped from 40 minutes down to 15 minutes.  In addition, we made dramatic improvements in our time to receiving critical stroke medication from 89 minutes down to 52 minutes (top 5% NY state at the time). We made similar dramatic improvements in the time to receiving heart attack treatment. In my last year as the ED Director, we were the top emergency department out of the six Catholic Health Hospitals and in the top 5% of hospitals in NY State for sepsis (infection) care.  


Satisfied with my achievements, after five years as the director I left the position with a fully staffed, emergency medicine boarded group of doctors which was a first for this department. I felt fulfilled with my accomplishments and passed the baton to the current director.  


Since that time I have deeply enjoyed the pure practice of Emergency Medicine.   At start of 2023 I decided to move into the next phase of my medical career by opening up Island Stat Care. The idea and goal is to have a comprehensive medical practice that provides care through all phases of your life. From urgent care, when you are injured or sick, to primary care, when you need regular check ups to help keep you in good health.


Dr. Khwaja is proud father of four beautiful children.


Some personal achievements include:

  • Qualified for the Boston Marathon With Time of 3:11

  • Completed Seven Marathons Including Two Boston Marathons

  • Completed Ironman Texas

  • Completed 7 Half-Ironmans, placing in the top 10% in three of them.

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